October 20, 2023

6 Best Common Mistakes in Product Photography and Suggestion to Avoid them

Actually, product photography is indispensable for placing your product across online markets. But you need to make certain the image presentation, composition, and focus. And proper lighting is exceptional. If you think of the first impression for your customers, you should the think the about the qualified the presentation.

We are the human.  There’s easy to make mistakes product photography.  There are the lots of lacks in the product photography like-Lighting, camera setting,   reflector setting etc.  Actually they are  bad  and  they  are  armful for any  business and  later  you  need or image editing  service.   However, here we place the 6 common mistakes in product photography and suggestion to avoid them.

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  1. Auto Camera Setting For Product Photography:

Actually, it is first mistake that we do not cane auto camera setting.  Not anything is as good as in product photography. Your latent customers will want to see accurately how the product looks in real life. By leaving your camera setting to chance, there is a high risk of getting confusing lighting. You need to sure your product photography will be as close to reality as possible. You will not get real picture by it. We recommend shooting in manual mode and adjusting the white balance according to your photography lighting area.

How to avoid it:

By using manual mode, you undo your camera’s superior option and allowing exposing and capturing the subject correctly. Now Check your camera’s introduction indicator and alter shutter speed, and f/stop, and ISO to get results finally.

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  1. Poor Lighting Setup

You should not use Poor Lighting Setup. Getting the photography lighting right from the start is critical – not just for product photography, but generally speaking. When you don’t get the lighting right, there is not much left you can do to improve. Rather, it can need post-processing services, so you might end up having to cover.

Avoiding any significant lighting mistakes, you try to use similar light sources. And never mix a fluorescent light source with a tepid light source, for instance as dissimilar lights require slightly different white balance settings. Combining them will give you or the person in charge of image editing needless annoyance.


How to avoid it:

When you need to photograph small products, you have to use a lightbox. Anyway it is a small outlay that will make a big difference. Normal light is also lovely, but it will change from one hour to the other. Thus making it complicated if you have several different products you want to capture.  You should always try to balance light, brightness, highlights, and shadows for the best results.

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  1. Using Distracting Background:

Do you want your product to stand out? At that moment, keep the background clean and simple. But we use various type of background like colorful, unclear, black etc as they distract attention. To make the product photograph look inexpensive. If you want to avoid over obscure your product photos by adding too many things, it is bad.

How to avoid it:

You need to use solid background, and well-picked props and they can enhance product photographs, but when completed poorly, they end up in important product photography problem. Can you think it’s a concurrence that Amazon has a rule that the main product photo should have a plain white backdrop? Always ask yourself what props are necessary, and try to have one or a maximum of 2 focal points.

  1. Lack of Diversity In Product Photography:  

An additional ordinary mistake is shooting the product from only one angle. When you use a variety of angles can better showcase quality, detail, and fabric and convince your customer that the product is right for them. Try to Avoid this. This can cause mistake by shooting from one angle while keeping the focal length and white background consistent.

How to avoid it:

Take at least 3-5 shots per product on various angles. It is ideal, as it gives you a better ability of converting an e-commerce guest into buying clients also. The helpful rule to keep in mind is that products that fit in the best category are expected to have more imagery per thing.

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  1. Not Using a Tripod:

Actually, product photography is a challenging task for a company. If you have an e-commerce business, so, as stated before, dependability is essential. Actually You will want to place the objects in the same spot, for the same solid color background and shoot from the same distance. but you fail.  And for this, you will necessitate a steady tripod.

How to avoid it:

You must need a tripod that will also come in handy. When using a shutter delay, you don’t touch the camera when the photo is being taken to avoid getting a blurry result. Short progress might result in a blurry product photo which can’t be adjusted during the photo editing. So, you may have to shoot again.

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  1. Insufficient Depth of Field:

In fact, depth of field invites likely mistake sand it s so bad to use. If this stricture is not given full attention, some parts of the product in the photograph might come un sharp and blurred. This withholds bounty of in succession from the customers. And this can easily turn them away. At best, it will be valuable to use camera settings that allow presenting the product in full serration. Unfortunately, the smaller the item is, the less possibility you have to present it in full depth of field. We wrote about this potential problem in our camera settings for product photography finally.

How to avoid it:

In this a step when white background area or skin blemished can take away, exposure, white balance, and color. It can be perfected within limits. even t ink about skipping this step, as your customers will closely analyze every detail of the product photo before buying. But you don’t have the time or skill to do image editing, find a specialized post-processing service that will do it for you.

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Finally We Can Say, any Photography is challenging. And mistakes are commons. If you want to et result, you soul follow 6 point and see our next posts of Clipping Solution Asia.


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