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Image Masking Service

Image masking service is Photoshop’s technical task for isolating a part of an image where you will not guess any pixels damaging. An image masking service is perfect for removing objects from the complicated edge. For making a nostalgic and amazing-looking portfolio or website, it is necessary. However, more image medication requires other photo editing services like clipping path service, photo retouching, color adjustment, and others.


Photoshop image masking is a complicated task that requires much time to complete. And with expert hands, you will make a perfect quality. Here we will ensure you 100% quality for image masking service.

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Remove the Background Using Image Masking

Remove the Background Using Image Masking

Professional photographers and graphic designers know how to remove the background from a complicated image. Though the image is complicated, you can remove them to your fullest sense. No matter, you have to use Photoshop channel masking.


However, it gives you to get the perfect background. Again you can remove the background without losing the quality. You can set perfect color, brightness, and contrast that give more perfect than the original photos,


During photography of hairy images, it is possible to get a busy background. If you are a talented photo editor, you can estimate its time to edit. Professional graphics designers know the techniques of Photoshop. Usually skilled photographers take a short time on photo editing. Similarly, in image masking editing, they take a short time.

Types of Image Masking Services

Clipping Solution Asia is an image editing company. We offer different types of masking service to our respected clients who desire for this service.

These of service vary on image complexity, difficulty, and requirements from the clients. We presents some image masking services.

Image Masking OPImage Masking OP.
Alpha Channel Masking.beforeAlpha-Channel-Masking.

Layer Masking

Photoshop layer masking service is an important service for drawing the attention to fashion industry. It is mostly used for business or fashion-related purposes.

The Photoshop layer masking regulates the ratio of blurring. Layer masking controls the opacity/transparency of an object. Our experts at Clipping Solution Asia can edit, add or replace the transparency ratio. This permits your viewers or audience to view the targeted areas.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is a part of image masking service. To get a real shape, it combines a clipping path and high-quality image masking techniques.

Our expert team recommends this for photographs that are quite mono chromatic. This kind of masking allows the topic and focus of the photo to be separated from the image through background removal.

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Hair Masking

Hair masking is a process of Photoshop editing services. It is needed to remove the background from flying hair. It is widely used in digital image post-processing. To get the perfect quality hair masking service, you need to know the advanced level of photo editing tasks. 


In the Photoshop hair masking service, you need to use Photoshop quick selection tool and follow the step-by-step formulae. If you want to get your perfect quality hair mask image, you can take our services.

Object Masking

This image masking option is common when the client asks us to get rid of the background. Object masking denotes for distracting unwanted objects within the background to be removed. Take, for instance, a wildlife shoot.

The maximum amount you’d like, you can’t get an ideal shot. Refine your images by removing unnecessary background objects with our object masking services. You may receive a cultured look which will allow the topic to be the most focused. Some of the businesses that have requested our object Photoshop masking service in the past include property companies, landscaping companies, brands, and e-commerce traders.

Object Masking.afterObject Masking.before
Color Masking.beforeColor Masking.after

Color Masking

Color masking is a Photoshop technical process.  It is used for isolating the particular color of a photo. Sometimes you can exclude a particular part from your color mask area. Even, you can highlight the targeted subject and mute the bright color in the background. The great advantage of this service is that it will let you update pixel improvement. However, you can do photo color masking with some special commands

Our team is highly experienced in color masking services. If you want to get the gorgeous quality color for your photos, you can message us. We provide it at a reasonable price.

Collage Masking

College masking is essential in digital image post-processing. It is mainly used for eliminating the background. And it is primarily used in magazines, publishing, brochures creating sectors. The main theme of college masking is to eradicate a part or a subject of the image and place a new subject of an image. 


In this regard, it requires improved background corrections. It’s a Photoshop complicated task. We provide college masking services at a reasonable price. Accept our free trial service. 

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Why Choose Us For Your Image Masking Service

Clipping Solution Asia is a well-known image post-processing service provider online. We offer image masking service through online. Our smooth editing experienced will save your business cost. And if make portfolio, it is your excellent preview. When it involves your photos, why would you would like anything but the best? Our image masking service ensures the profitable business.  

To get 100% accurate result is tough today. If you desire for an excellent shape and most refine edge, you can contact us with your all requirements. We have the experience over top-notch image masking service. if you want to judge clipping solution Asia, you just send your photos. And enjoy the most refined images. We provide the 100% satisfaction service of works. 

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