This terms and conditions regularize total use of Clipping Solution Asia and it is an online website but it doesn’t recommend to the client area. So, the client’s limitation is uncertain.

The website is ownership and operated by However the website is obtainable object to your consideration without any change from the terms and the conditions her remained herein and every point is various operating rules, politics where including, limitation, clipping solution Asia privacy and policy as well as procedures which can published from time to time on this website by Clipping Solution Asia

The method of Clipping Solution implies that goes through the whole terms and conditions and for that you are bound for to follow us. Before contracting with this company read these terms and conditions very carefully so that it cannot realize it, there is no doubt and contract us info@ And if the terms and conditions are recognized an offer by clipping solution Asia. These type of assurance is expressly limited for this terms. Clipping Solution Asia is available those who are unique of having at least 6 years old.

It is certain that The UN convention for this type of contract international sale of the production would not be followed on this terms and conditions.

Free Trial photos: always offer the two sample images for the Free Trial service in this terms and conditions on behalf of the judging the quality. For getting this type of offer, you should have a company or website and then you have to subscribe to our website in order to fill the form by giving the accurate information. You will get only an opportunity for the Free Trial service. Clipping Solution Asia offers you sign up for the first time as well as for the second time, it indicates Log in. Also you can follow this that Clipping Solution reserves the right to deny free processing of our task even we take this service only for two hours.

Client Area Account:

Registration is significant for the proper use of Clipping Solution Asia. By filling the free registration form and validating email address, the clients acknowledge that the account is activation by authorized person of After a successful activation, all the clients will access his account by using credentials.

You should follow the responsibility for maintaining of your client space account, responsible for all activity. It happens under the account as well as task that is taken in connection with the account. You must quickly observe the all the notification of Clipping Solution Asia and any uses of your account or any other useful behavior. Clipping Solution Asia can’t be liable for the damage of your images under the accidental matter.

The clients will allow to showcase and edit portions of your personal data of your profile. A few of portions of your information indicates your names, email address and other will not be edited.

  • Client gives the conformation that Clipping Solution Asia will be able to allow your account to the above fact.
  • To see the password and the log in data in the event of client request considerations.
  • To develop Clipping Solution Asia and offers are here friendly as well as services. Your details may be saved in server of hosting service provider.
  •  Clipping Solution Asia reserves the right to refuse services or close accounts at our sole discretion.
  • Clipping Solution Asia also reserves the rights to transfer membership at the any time, for example, it is not limited to, the breach of any of terms and conditions.


In the thought for the settlement service for different image editing related task has an obligation to complete the treatment of images in order to the following provisions. There use the tools very available (for use your own risk) to increase and alternate your files to the via to the server as well as submit to us with a detailed descriptions from the desired services.

If do not have any instructions, we can apply a clipping based comprising the backdrop by the plain white backdrop. If there is any order include: first of all send all of your images and secondly add description of the services what you expected.

For the receipting of the orders Clipping Solution Asia verifies of it’s to fill up obligations. assesses the tough of this type of task. For that you will have to be conscious of this terms to the payment estimate. The granted quotation and payment of the invoice can be created before mentioning date or time for the payment request.

Following of your conformation and payment invoice Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer will honor of your order using the tools. You have the different options to upload your photos or in zip files via your web server or web browser. So the orders are subject to grant by reserve4ws the rights refusing an order in its sole description.

You can also cancel the order after receiving quote. After validation of the estimate from you that processing of your photos started (your given order) that cannot be canceled by you. The delivery time stated on our website or in our quarry page. We cannot he held responsible for delays and delays which could happen the delivery of your order. The time specified in our quotation is valid from the meaning from the query from you. Clipping Solution Asia would not bound be bound for an agreed delivery time if the client requires changes or re-task to be created in the services. The prices showcased on our website which are subject to change without delays and without any notice.

Contribution of Website:

At the time of placing order, you can place comments any page in our website, post material site, post linking on the site and on the market by means that of site. You are responsible for this content of as well as any resulting from. In this case, considering this content consist in text, graphics, audio, and the computer software. By making content available, you present and warrant that is downloading, copying and use of the content may not infringing but it is not limited towards the copyright, trademark or the trade secret rights to the third party.

You may complied with the third party  that the licenses based on to the content as well as all the necessary steps frequently pass through to the end of the users any required.  The content does not remain with viruses, malware, worms, Trojan horses, and harmful catalogue so that the clients will face harm. The content is not pornographic, defamatory, libelous or incite violate the privacy or the public right of any third party. Clipping Solution Asia has the right over all services.

What kind of data do we collect?

We can collect a certain number of data from you in a different way where include product catalogue, product feature and others.  And you are invited to volunteer for getting such type of information, mentioning but it is not mentioning to the limitation. Whenever you register on our site and place an order, or subscribe to our newsletter, it cannot be comprisable.

But it is necessary to know the answering as well as knowing the website perfectly, otherwise any mistake is harmful both you and Clipping Solution Asia so when you have order our web site, you are ask to ensure to entering the website then for sign in, log in or communicating the alternative way.

What do we use your information for?

Clipping Solution Asia may collect any kind of information for filling the communication gap like as collecting service, images, data, saving the software, selecting the folder etc. Even Clipping Solution Asia ensures you that they are used to use updating date and its software also. If you use this kind of software and that are existing in your listing, you may receive marketing mails to the Clipping Solution Asia. Thus we can sent message, news, orders, data, ads and others by this communications. Again the Clipping Solution Asia to give to unnecessary ads, span and other things. Company use update method not only of attracting the customers but also for giving superb way of performing the tasks.